The village’s name is derived from a variation of the ancient name Attica, suggesting the existence of an ancient settlement there. Another theory is that the name comes from the Turkish “atsik: open (place)” because of the large plain that surrounds it. However, the name has been referred to since the 13th century, long before the Turks arrived on Lemnos.

Atsiki is home to notable writers and artists: Ioannis Fotiadis, an outstanding stone sculptor from Asia Minor, Panagiotis Haranis, sometimes known as Peter Charanis, was the rector of Byzantine studies in the United States from 1908 to 1986, Tassos Kapsidelis (1913-87), a sharp old-school historian and philologist who published four key historical volumes about Lemnos, Dr. Stavros Tragaras, painter, poet, and the heart and spirit of the Athens Association of Atsiki People, with notable efforts such as the publication of “The Voice of Atsiki,” the organisation of thematic seminars for Atsiki academics and workers, and the marketing of cotton, and  George Tsimouris, a sociology professor at Panteion University, who has researched the mass migration from Asia Minor to the villages of Lemnos, as well as their manners and traditions.

The Church of Saint Giorgios, which has a stone-carved bell tower, is in Atsiki, as is the beach of Saint Ermolaou (Agiarmola) with its rare rocks.