The settlement was founded in 1200, when the era of decline had  begun for Iphaistia. At the time, the village’s founder was the wealthy Kalliopi or Kalli, who had a farm in the region, having migrated from Iphaistia.  According to one story,  Kalliopi had been exiled from Iphaistia for her impure conduct. A marble sarcophagus with an etched cross and the statement “Here lays the servant of God Kalli” is kept in the local cemetery.

Named after its horn-like shape, Keros Bay serves as the village beach. The bay is nearly three kilometres long and was a major harbour until the late Middle Ages.

Agios Georgios is the village’s patron saint, and a basilica-style church without a dome was constructed in his honour in 1869. Every year on St. George’s Day, traditional horse races are held in his honor. This tradition dates to the mid-nineteenth century.

Hortarolimni, one of the most significant wetlands in the prefecture of Lemnos, is located near the settlement. It is protected against environmental conditions as part of the NATURA network.

The Early Christian tomb in the cemetery of St. Annas may also be visited in the village.