The name of the community was derived from the tap (= fountain) that existed in the town and its plentiful waters. According to one story, the name was derived from Ag. Dimitriou’s village called Kourouni. Many of the island’s benefactors, primarily Egyptian immigrants, are from here. The most renowned was Odysseas I. Pantelidis, whose money was used to purchase the Pantelideio, today’s TEL of Myrina.

Near the village is the Therma Spa sourced by thermal hot springs which come from two springs at a depth of 1200 metres and at a temperature of 42-44 degrees Celsius. These springs are therapeutic and are recommended for both bathing and drinking therapy. The spring water is clear and pleasant with a low salt content. There have been baths at the site since at least 1548. Belon cites that there was a small changing room and a vaulted chamber with a stone bathtub, both of which still exist in the newer buildings. A map included with a 1588 book depicts a route that connected the Castle with Thermes and the surrounding hill of Profitis Ilias. This road, which extended all the way to eastern Lemnos, was in use until the early postwar years, when a new road was made. The spring water is now used as drinking water by many Lemnos residents, who go there to fill their water bottles from the original taps installed in 1908.