Human occupation in the Moudros area dates back to prehistoric times. The origin of the names Moudron and Moudros is uncertain. It is more likely that it formed as a result of a “mydro,” a granite rock formed by solidified lava that existed near the harbour and to which the sailors anchored their ships.

The Taxiarches’ church was built “BY THE LOCALS OF MOUDROS” in 1835. It features three aisles and a exonarthex (added later), and its wooden iconostasis is claimed to be a duplicate of a Smyrna church’s iconostasis. The monumental church of Evangelistria was built in 1903-04. It is a three-aisled basilica with magnificent architectural characteristics, including a bell tower. Admiral Koundouriotis gave the epitaph as a gift. The Agia Marina parish of the Koutloumousiou monastery used to be in the region where the church was built, the altar and several structures are preserved to this day and can be viewed. The parish ended in tragedy. When they discovered five Turkish officers dead in a well of the estate, the Turks burnt it down along with seven monks. Only two monks escaped, and they sought safety in Koutloumousi, where they claimed that the Turks were killed by residents in order to incriminate the monks, dissolve the estate and seize its lands. The abbot then imposed a fine on the village, which has just recently been paid off.