The capital of Lemnos is Myrina. Antiquities discovered in the city of Myrina show that it was inhabited before the Bronze Age. It was named after Myrina, daughter of Iolkos,  Krithea’s ruler and spouse of Thoanta, the first mythological king of Lemnos. Its foundation dates back to the 12th or 13th century BC, when Lemnos was governed by the Minyae, and the first fortress was most likely completed at that time. It was the strongest citadel on Lemnos at all periods for this reason, and the city was known as a Castle from the late Byzantine period until 1955.

The scenic streets, the stately homes in the Romeikos Gialos, the market, and the harbour all have an authentic and traditional character. The Venetian Castle with its roaming deer, the Archaeological Museum, the prehistoric city, the Metropolitan Church of the Holy Trinity, the Ecclesiastical Museum, and Dapia atop the hill of Tsas are all noteworthy attractions. The closest beaches are Romeikos Gialos and Riha Nera, both of which are accessible on foot. The beach of Avlonas is located just outside of Myrina on the way to Kaspakas. The hotel Porto Myrina, with the ancient temple of the Goddess Artemis situated in its courtyard, dominates the left side of the city.