Nea Koutali

In 1926, Nea Koutali was built on the site of Agia Marina on the northern slope of Strompolithos, to house refugees from Koutali of Propontis. Along with Agios Dimitrios, Nea Koutali is the second settlement on Lemnos constructed by immigrants from Asia Minor.

Amphitheatrically constructed along the slope near the coast of Moudros, Nea Koutali is known for its excellent town planning. It stretches from the Agia Triada pine forest planted by refugees to the gorgeous harbor built of stone, filled with fishing boats and vessels. Nea Koutali is well-known for its sponge divers both in Greece and worldwide. The “Museum of Maritime Tradition and Sponge Fishing” opened on July 1, 2006.

Panagis Koutalianos, a prominent wrestler and weightlifter during the decade 1882-1892, made Koutali famous around the world. He was a great sailor who became famous in the United States after defeating several high-profile wrestlers of the day. He battled and strangled a wild tiger, the skin of which he wore in matches, and demonstrated his power by bending iron and shattering rocks and chains around the world.