Saint Dimitrios

Refugees from Reisdere in Erythraia, Asia Minor, founded the settlement after 1922 on the site of Lera, a former small Turkish settlement. The residents of Lera had preserved the following tradition regarding the origin of their village’s name. Once upon a time, two brothers, one from Plaka and the other from Kastro, acquired Lemnos from their lord father.  The brothers chose to divide the island at the place where they would meet, beginning each from their own town as soon as the roosters crowed. The one that began from Plaka, however, left earlier and covered more ground. His brother saw the deception as soon as they met and referred to him as “filthy.” As a result, the gathering place was given the name Lera. In 1947, the residents renamed it Agios Dimitrios in honour of the patron saint of their lost homeland’s church.