The community is named after the Byzantine settlement Ardia or Ardeia, which was located in the northern part of Lemnos. The name Sardes evolved over time from the word “in Ardies – in Ardes.” According to tradition, the residents of Ardes were forced to flee the coastal area due to frequent pirate attacks. The population of the village moved to the current location after a cholera outbreak struck the community. Saint Dimitrios, the village’s church, is a three-aisled basilica with two stunning Notre Dame-style bell towers that resemble a European city church. According to an inscription, it was built in 1852 at the expense of the locals and the priest. In 1874, a three-level school was constructed in Sardes, one of twelve on the island of Lemnos. It was moved to the new stone building in 1882, which was built on the site where the village monument of fallen soldiers now stands. It was dismantled in 1912, and the current one was installed in its place using its materials.