The term arose from the shortening of the phrase “in the pens” referring to the animal pens, sheds and shepherding quarters that once existed there.

Tsimandria has also had a substantial monastic influence since the late Byzantine period for many centuries.

It was the first settlement on Lemnos to receive Greek soldiers who had arrived on the nearby shore of Vourlidia on October 8 1912, as well as the first place in which the Greek flag was flown.

Many British troops and colonists who participated in the failed Gallipoli war were welcomed in 1915. In 1918-21, the locals also treated Russian refugees,   the Russian soldiers of Bragel, and civilians who had sought temporary refuge on Lemnos.

In 1935, the square’s fountain and other fountains were installed via money on loan, cotton planting began in the area, and the”Kehagiades” Association was formed, which is still active today and has made a significant contribution to the preservation of traditional music, songs, dances, and costumes on Lemnos.