The Flora of Lemnos


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The unique geomorphology of Lemnos, together with the island’s environmental and climatic conditions, as well as the long-term presence of humans on the island, has resulted in a place of exceptional ecological significance. This value is derived from the numerous natural vegetation formations as well as semi-natural regions, which primarily consist of agricultural lands.

With its large fertile plains and strategic location, Lemnos has historically been an important stop on the Aegean’s so-called “grain route.” Even now, it is well-known for its enormous production of grains and vines.

The volcanic landscape dominates nature on Lemnos, with the island’s vegetation consisting of phrygana, sea lilies, and isolated clusters of oaks. The lack of forests is mainly due to human interference through livestock farming and lumbering, as well as peculiar geological conditions and severe winds that prevent their development.