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Geosites of Lemnos

Lemnos is located in the northeastern Aegean, between mount Athos and the island of Lesvos.  It is a volcanic island; one can locate many volcanoes, aging approximately 23 million years, rising proudly from the soil. Sedimentary formations aging about 33 million years dominate the central and eastern regions.

The island is filled with geosites of captivating beauty. Fossil sites, volcanic structures, tectonic geosites, erosion and deposit geoforms, coastal geosites, water systems and man-made sites formulate the types of geosites one can explore on the island.

With the term “geosite,” we characterize the elements which we aim to protect through an environmental law (Ν. 1650/1986, Ν. 3937/2011) and which function as important signs and indications of the history of the earth.

Lemnos island’s geosites present themselves yet remain hidden. They await exploration as most people are not aware of them. They are ready to inform us about the geological evolution of the area and the processes which formed the today’s landscape.

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