Ecclesiastical Museum of the Holy Metropolis of Lemnos (Myrina)

Address: Myrina, Lemnos, PC 81400
Opening Hours: 09: 00-13: 00 daily
Metropolitan Telephone: 22540-24630
Office Telephone: 22540-22474 Fax: 22540-24042

The Lemnian Ecclesiastical Museum   is on the ground floor of the Metropolitan Court which can be found in the Roman Gialos port area of Myrina near the Archaeological Museum.

Archbishop of Lemnos Hierotheos envisioned the project in 1989 and brought it to completion two years later. The Lemnos Ecclesiastical Museum gathers, protects, and restores ancient sacred icons, holy artifacts, books, records, and vestments from temples and chapels on Lemnos and Agios Efstratios. The Ecclesiastical Museum of Lemnos houses 502 pieces in two chambers of the Metropolitan Court, ensuring the continuation of the island’s history in the Byzantine and post-Byzantine periods for the visitor who has already visited the Archaeological Museum.

The oldest of the 197 icons kept at the Ecclesiastical Museum of Lemnos is the Epitaph of Lamentation from 1777, while among the 85 books, the “Month of March” was written in 1558, making it almost 450 years old.

The other 220 artefacts, which were a result of research and donations, include 37 vestments such as belts, matrices, robes , stoles, and cloaks, 154 ecclesiastical utensils, and 29 other items such as chandeliers, pastoral rods, epitaphs, and seals.