Lemnos’ Asprolimni (meaning “White Lake”) is located in the eastern section of the island, between the lakes Hortarolimni and the Salt pan. It covers around 500 acres and is part of the NATURA 2000 conservation network since it is home to a great number of rare and endangered species.

A saltwater lake only open during the summer, Asprolimni earned its name from the  thick coating of salt on its dried bottom  throughout the summer months.

The strong NE winds that blow on the coast of Keros carry the materials of the area’s sedimentary rocks at high speeds and deposit them in the area of Asprolimni, generating successive sand dunes. Visitors to Asprolimni may see a variety of wild geese, herons, kingfishers, copperpoxes, and even dense flocks of pink flamingos, who stop in the area to feed and rest.