Pesperago was Pedino’s original name, and it was referenced under that name since at least the 14th century. It was renamed Pedino in 1955 because the original name was mistakenly thought to be Turkish, which it was not. After a major earthquake destroyed the village in 1968, it was abandoned by its residents who relocated to Neo Pedino, a new settlement established in a new location. In 2001, there were only 5 people living in the old village.

The settlement was initially located in Ai-Giannis, northwest of Portianos, at the foot of Ai-Lias hill, where the remnants of homes can still be seen. For unknown reasons (one typical cause for relocation was severe epidemics), the settlement was relocated to near the small salt lake that runs on from the bay of Moudros, which is now a wetland.

The village church, Agios Ioannou Prodromou, was built in 1862 in the basilica style and features a beautifully carved iconostasis.  Palio Pedino  (Old Pedino)has remained untouched, with  its picturesque cobblestone streets, a cobblestone square, and stone homes with their sculpted decorative elements .

The most notable mediaeval relic in the area, Alexopyrgos or Alexiou Pyrgos, is found near Palio Pedino and was once part of the Mount Athos Pantokratoros monastery.