Regeneration of Neftina’s Hydrographic Network

Going up the road to the Church of Kaveira near the cape of Chloe in NE Lemnos, the Neftina valley can be seen on its right-hand side.

Deep ravines can be observed in the valley’s hydrographic network, phenomena classified as the regeneration of the hydrographic network. These phenomena are caused by the activity of the Neftina active fault, which caused the northern portion of the valley to sink and the southern part to rise.

The Neftina NW-SE fault affects the hydrographic network by elevating the plateau, which is a landscape with moderate slopes, to the point where the hydrographic network has lost its transport capacity.  As a result, the water begins a new cycle of erosion, eroding the terrain deeper and deeper until it reaches the new basic level of the riverbed, resulting in this impressive formation in the landscape.